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Payroll Management

Payroll Management features are integrated with General Ledger and Project Accounting/Job Costing.

Employee Management.

    Job skill requirement
    Skill set management
    Job Opening
    Job Applicant
    Training Class
    Time Attendance integrated with fingerprint machines.
    Timesheet manual entry.
    Departmental Payroll Expense
    Extra Wage/Allowance
    Overtime Management
    Piece Work
    Insurances (Flat or percentage amount)
    Medicare (Flat or percentage amount)
    Social Security (Flat or percentage amount)
    Deductions (Flat or percentage amount)
    Employee Voluntary Deduction
    Loan/Advance to employee
    Overtime/sick day/vacation management
    Saving plans(pre/after tax)
    Job-specific rate
    Split-payroll expense among departments
    Detailed Salary Statement

Income Tax Tables.

    Simple tax rate 
    User-definable formula-based rate
    User-definable table-based rate