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Manufacturing Management

Integrate production planning with customer management,sales orders,inventory, purchasing, accounting, costing and financial reporting to provide real-time coordination of activities across your entire business.

    Reduced costs and increased margins.
    Managed inventory across multiple locations.
    Production Manager.
    Row Material Manager.
    Work Order.
    Bill of Material (BOM).
    Unlimited-level BOM.
    Base BOM.
    Template BOM.
    Automatic material’s unit conversion.
    Define overhead costs by operation.
    Automatic Cost calculation.
    Pricing capability for finished product.
    Kit Assembly/Disassembly.
    Inventory visibility across multiple warehouses.
    Different locations one for source material & another for finished products.
    Real time inventory updates.
    Production orders automatically generated from work orders.
    Flexible production work order maintenance.
    Production order status (Started, Hold, Void, Finished).
    Material Tracking in all stages.
    Quantity used and quantity scrapped adjustment.
    Required, Estimated, Started and Completed dates.